Thursday, February 3, 2011


As i start this text i am yet to figure out what to title it....people are just driving me crazy today.i am surrounded by selfish, self centred, idiotic people.Realized that wanting people to think, react and see the world through my eyes is nothing but a waste of time.As much as you want to remain rational and accept them for who they are, they keep on taunting and pushing..just dont understand.
Right now i feel like just moving aaaaawaayy just to get way from the craziness.

yeah i know, what a way to start off from my long sojourn but with tyme i guess we will get to understand.

i'll probably blog around to see if someone has something worth pondering over..

5 comments: said...

welcome back (belated greeting, i know. forgive)

u shld blog more often, dear.

Tisha said...

That feels like yesterday

I am not used to them
but i have gotten used to expecting nothing good from them
But that is not healthy

I guess i'll love them...

By the way, i really love your blog, i hope you can still remain honest!

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True. Since we co-exist with those type of individuals, it would be better if we limit our associated with them. Smile dear, because there a lot of reason to do so.

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