Thursday, February 3, 2011


As i start this text i am yet to figure out what to title it....people are just driving me crazy today.i am surrounded by selfish, self centred, idiotic people.Realized that wanting people to think, react and see the world through my eyes is nothing but a waste of time.As much as you want to remain rational and accept them for who they are, they keep on taunting and pushing..just dont understand.
Right now i feel like just moving aaaaawaayy just to get way from the craziness.

yeah i know, what a way to start off from my long sojourn but with tyme i guess we will get to understand.

i'll probably blog around to see if someone has something worth pondering over..

Monday, January 10, 2011

Truth not false!

No high jump o....i am really back...i cant wait to share my all make me really happy.
I am at the office right now doing what i am still being paid for..
I am dating the most wonderful man ever...he's the sweetest thing that has ever happened to me(grin!!!)... no o not that dude i spoke about two years ago, a different one......

will give u more gist when i return...brb!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


You all cant imagine how floored i am with the comments i v gotten inspite of my awol..i am grateful that there are still people like y'all out there...
i really need to step it up this year and return to what i really loved doing...believe me so many changes, stories, mistakes, revolutions, breakthroughs, tears and joys..i just pray that i dont run away again...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

She's Backkkk

hey peeps, i am backkkkk....been a really long tyme....

got so much to share about my long sojourn...can't wait...missed you all so much...

love...lots of it

Sunday, December 14, 2008

In the last couple of weeks I have been exceedingly happy and worried at the same time. Time spent away from my blog has been really and truly painful. Every single day I had thought about fulfilling obligation to my blog but I just couldn’t find the time.
This place is my refuge, my quiet and true place of solace and for a while now I have been thinking of making this post but in honesty I feared your judgments, yet I expect so much response from you all.
I would like to share a secret with you all; to some it might be a great shock to others a regular life experience, but right now I just wanted to vent.
On the 4th of November, a tall handsome man walked into my life. I didn’t think much of anything as regards the relationship, I just wanted it to take a natural course and of course it did. I have enjoyed the bliss of being in a relationship, there have been no hassles, and things have been totally wonderful. Added to the resume is the envy and constant bicker I get from colleagues as regards my catch.
We go everywhere together; spend all the available time together. He even follows me to the salon. The Toll of events got me thinking I had found my own.
Less than three weeks in the relationship he kept on insisting he wanted to meet my family. I was concerned because meeting the family meant a great deal to the relationship, to me it signified he wanted more than a casual relationship. I shoved the issue several times to be exactly sure he knew what he was up against, but he still didn’t budge. So obviously I gave in and introduced him to my family. My mother was excited, yet I was cautious seeing this was the first man I was introducing to her as the one I was dating.
He repped well and I couldn’t be happier with him.
Now this is where the worrisome part comes in!
He never lied to me about anything or let me correct myself I have never caught him in a lie. He told me he was married with three kids. In fairness to God by the time he told me, I was already caught up and totally into him.
I have tried to leave him twice and on each count he has asked me to be patient that with time he would tell me the entire truth. Deep within me I knew there was more, oh a lot more he wasn’t telling me but I wanted him to come to telling me himself without me putting pressure on him. We spend our entire weekends together and each time I keep pushing him to call home, but he just never does, he keeps giving excuses and postponing when to call. He just got a place and I literally helped him move in and settle down.
So on a certain Friday, he was travelling to Lagos, and after we were done packing he said he had something to tell me and that it was important. I froze in fear not sure what to expect but yet expecting anything could happen. He said to me and I quote that he was having problems at home. Out of fear almost immediately I stopped him from speaking and told we would talk about it once he returned.
He came back a couple of days later and we got talking. He told me he was in the middle of a divorce. He said that I should have noticed there was problem because he never spoke about her, never calls except when he wants to talk to the kids, neither has she bothered to come see him after he moved to the new place.
He also told me that to what purpose would he want to meet my family if he wasn’t taking me seriously.
Believe me all when I say I still have head squared absolutely on my shoulder. People call me pessimistic because to whatever I do I try to vary the cons more than the pros. I have carefully thought about everything and truthfully I would love to put my eggs in one basket with me.
I have written about dating a married man and I frankly feel weird being in the midst of this whole saga.
At this stage I am in I need of all the advice I can get. Have I gone far ahead of myself? Truthfully I have single men in tow but I just can’t shake off why I chose him over them all.
Asides from the fact that I have been really into work; this has been my extra curricular activities.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Have missed u all!

I am so tired and in need of some good sleep,but i knew i wanted to say something on my blog before going to bed.

Its been so long.....eighteen days wah oh...(omo wase o rise)....yoruba slango!

No doubt i love my job, its fun and exciting.A whole world of difference from what i used to do.I resumed as soon as i got my offer letter.It was so fast i couldn't believe myself.

The first hours @ work was stressless until i met the regional manager later in the day.Directly from Lagos i was posted to the Customer Relations desk, just what  wanted....who wanted to go about marketing for some obscene amount of money.Like i was saying jare,i was already doing rounds with old staff when the RM called me and said i should resume at anoda branch as a marketer....arrgghhhh was my response, shame no catch me oh!.I no fit shout as it was my first day and all and i had to leave a very good impression,plus he told me he had the final say.

So off i went to the newly assigned branch...i was pissed off but wetin  i go do now.When i got there,the branch manager also told me in a very annoying manner that  shouldn't even contest anything that i should just go to marketing.

There and then i gave up and left my fate in the hands of God.While they were taking me around, an angel came to my rescue. I didn't know him from adam, yet he chose to fight for me.He sorta kinda have the wims and caprices to make things happen in the so he carrry my case for head.He said i was going back to the orginally assigned branch and position.

Sha long story short, the next day i was back at the old branch, with the RM saying he only brought me back as a personal favour to my angel.That wan no concern me oh as long as i got what i desired....selfish..selfish

After that time,its been two weeks now and i have not only experienced peace but indescribable favour.I made new and exciting friends.Frankly i didn't know there was life outside my regular day to day before now.

The pay is fantastic, a huge margin from what  have been earning in the last three years.

I am enjoying my job and  i am really happy about it.Remember that time i almost had a panic attack cos some of my friends were employed before me into marketing,the lesson i garnered from it is that one should never compare oneself with others.U won't believe it, my friends are complaining immensely about the stress of marketing right now.I don't envy them oh!

I am so tired right now,i want to go to bed...i'll talk to you guys soonest.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Finally, I got in!

I have been waiting in the last few weeks to share this with you, infact i had rehearsed what i would say and write about it.

I was called, i got in, i got the job with the bank!yipppeeee!!!

I am so excited.

It came when i wasn't expecting it, i wasn't frantic or anxious anymore and the call came. All the drama i had prepared in my head that i would do when i get the call, i don't know how i escaped without doing them.

Most importantly, i want to use this opportunity to thank everyone who shared, motivated and consoled me during that period.

Wheewww! i am so grateful another hurdle has been crossed,i have moved finally from the 5D wage to the 6figure pack, very interesting i must say, a very much needed change.

I am resuming asap, isn't that cool.

I am blogging from a cyber cafe in another town,far away from home, so forgive the length of this post, i'll do a better job next time.

But thanks to everyone, i'll do my blog rounds when i get to my beloved PC.